Growing up and new beginnings!


Things have been a bit mad recently and I haven’t had chance to do any blog writing. I’ve had a cough for three weeks now (STILL no abs though, grrr..) and today my left ear has decided not to work which is brilliant. However besides from feeling ill, I have exams coming up which I am completely unprepared for, being ill ruined my revision plan and now I’m struggling to find the motivation to revise. The biggest news of all is that I have a full time job! A grown-up, real-world, Monday to Friday full-time job!

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Wonderful White Chocolate Chip Brownies

Sundays are my favourite day and I love nothing more than spending that little more extra time in the kitchen making delicious food. Today I have made a lovely potato and leek soup and prepared a chicken and veg stew which is currently making itself taste glorious in the slow cooker. Now I couldn’t forget dessert, so this week I’ve made my favourite, brownies!

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Fat turkeys and food babies

Merry Christmas!


I haven’t wrote a post in a while as my life leading up to Christmas was spent in uni everyday and my lack of inspiration was at an all time high! Writers block caused by deathly tedious assignments. Pretty boring really. Then suddenly Christmas crept up out of nowhere and it was time to leave Manchester ready for 3 weeks in the Lake District.
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