Growing up and new beginnings!


Things have been a bit mad recently and I haven’t had chance to do any blog writing. I’ve had a cough for three weeks now (STILL no abs though, grrr..) and today my left ear has decided not to work which is brilliant. However besides from feeling ill, I have exams coming up which I am completely unprepared for, being ill ruined my revision plan and now I’m struggling to find the motivation to revise. The biggest news of all is that I have a full time job! A grown-up, real-world, Monday to Friday full-time job!

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My Experience Using Coco White


Unless you’ve been in hiding for the past couple of months, it is impossible to avoid the celebrity promotion of ‘Coco White’ that’s been taking over our Instagram feeds. These little sachets of flavoured coconut oil have taken the celebrity world by storm with stars from towie and Made in Chelsea posting pictures of their pearly whites alongside the product.

I’ve always wanted to try teeth whitening products but I have always been scared of the impact of the harsh chemicals on my teeth. So, when Coco White came to my attention I was eager to get my paws on them and give them a go. After waiting for them to release new stock, I finally managed to order a box – 14 sachets for £19.99.

Here’s what I thought…

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Post-run Avocado Breakfast

This morning I forced myself from my warm, comfy bed and dragged myself outdoors around a field for 5 miles. I’m really enjoying running again now the weather is (slightly) improving and have been increasing my distance each time. In order to fuel the exercise, I decided I didn’t want my usual concoction of porridge and honey and opted for this instead, and wow was it amazing…

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Delicious Courgette Fritters

Last night I left it until about 9pm to eat (bad, I know). Usually when this happens, myself (along with others I’m sure), will take this as a perfect opportunity to shove a pizza in the oven, or order a takeaway. For me, me usual quick and easy ‘go-to’ food in this situation is pasta. Recently, pasta has been causing me to have stomach pains after eating, which is extremely annoying as its my favourite food everrrrr.

I’ve been eating and exercising well recently so I didn’t want to fill myself with rubbish food for the sake of it. After buying a courgette earlier in the day, I searched some recipes for inspiration. That’s when I came across courgette fritters, fell in love and haven’t looked back since…

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DIY Candle Holder

As a female, I am completely obsessed with candles and different ways of displaying them (the small tealights on the left are sat on an oriental-food plate surrounded by little glass stones, but anyway enough about them, they aren’t the star of this post). When my boyfriends friend visited a few months ago he left behind an empty Jack Daniels bottle. Instead of throwing it away I held on to it as I love the bottle design and wanted to put it to good use.

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Wonderful White Chocolate Chip Brownies

Sundays are my favourite day and I love nothing more than spending that little more extra time in the kitchen making delicious food. Today I have made a lovely potato and leek soup and prepared a chicken and veg stew which is currently making itself taste glorious in the slow cooker. Now I couldn’t forget dessert, so this week I’ve made my favourite, brownies!

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